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About Dr. Deb

Co-directing the Stress Disorders and Counseling Clinic for 20 years allows Dr. Deb to draw from a rich professional toolkit of effective ways to build a satisfying life. With an expertise in creativity via her doctoral research on 'Hardiness and Creative Achievement' and her ongoing work as a visual artist she has a deep commitment to living and teaching the "Creative Process".  Rich with possibilities, creativity can help us become more resilient, solve problems and enrich our lives.  As such, it is an integral theme woven throughout the services she provides. These include: Coaching to achieve specific goals; Stress management with Biofeedback techniques and Reiki; and SoulCollage® 

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  • Creativity Coaching - For people who want more creativity in their lives whether at work, or play... come explore Life as a Creative Process. Learn how to work through the frustrations and anxiety that generate creative blocks. 

  • SoulCollage® for Adults -  Individual or Small group process using collage for self-discovery. Develop your intuition and build resilience (No art skill necessary). Works well with coaching.

  • Stress Management - 

      Learn various stress management tools that you           can do yourself, such as: meditation, progressive         relaxation exercises & biofeedback temperature           training. Combine with practitioner led Reiki,

      a Japanese technique which promotes healing by

      harmonizing and balancing energy. Reiki can

      be done remotely. 


Email Dr. Deb at to find out more and   or sign up for any of the services listed above.  All services and workshops are only available by phone or online. 








   On-line Events & Workshops 

SoulCollage® for Adults


1:00pm to 2:30pm


SoulCollage is a vehicle for self-discovery as a group process or on your own.  Fall in love with the images! Tap into your inner wisdom... stretch your imagination as you hone your intuition! No art skill required.

Fee: $25 

Suggested for Adults 16 and older:

Instructor: Dr. Deb Briggs


Research shows:

The Heart's Intuitive Intelligence

A Path To

 Personal, Social & Global Harmony


Workshops are now on-line:

Seating is not limited thanks to our on-line format! Click on 'Buy Now' button to link to the payment page.  If you prefer to pay by phone or have any questions, please email:

Note:  Occasionally revisions are made to the class schedule.  Please refer to this website for the most accurate information regarding upcoming classes

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations accepted with a full refund up to 48 hours before the class begins.  For cancellations made within 48 hours of the class start time, the student will receive equivalent credit towards a future class of the student's choice.

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